Artfully Crafted Beers

We produce exceptional, handcrafted beers—as refreshing and genuine as Park City itself.  Shades of Pale beer is all about the recipes, and adding subtle twists to classic styles. Our goal is to create uniquely-brewed, handcrafted beers, of consistent high quality that bring people back for more.


We believe in dreams and human potential.   We believe in passion and doing what you love.   We believe in hard work and excellence and doing your best.   We believe in creativity and community and teamwork.   The expression of what we believe is in the bottle.   Our joy is in sharing it with you.

Come In

We invite you to come in, explore, and connect with us.  Our hub is this site, which we are continually updating.  Here you’ll find out about our history, upcoming events and the insider information on what’s going behind the scenes.  On Pinterest, though we have boards from home brewing to art, the primary focus is recipes; cooking with beer, and beer pairings.  On Instagram you’ll find photos of the brewery and events.  On facebook you’ll find many of our local friends.   On Google plus is our global community and where we do more sharing about Adventure in a bottle.


beer couture-01We have a most unusual shop.   It’s really a sneak peak about what’s to come.  You may find a t-shirt or two, but you’ll also find a link to our art gallery and our virtual brewery boutique.   For example, you’ll notice a messenger bag with a hop design.  Yes, that’s right! This is one of a kind.  The print was made from hop painting created by one of our very own.    Stop by the shop.

We hope you enjoy your visit, invite you to come back, and  look forward to connecting with you.

Shades of Pale Team